The Welding Electrode Handling conveyor has a fabricated body, for the Transverse conveyor. The Cross belt conveyor is mounted perpendicular to the Transverse conveyor & is hinged so that it can be rotated by 90 degrees, whenever the Flux gate of the Extruder is to be opened. All the motors of the different belts, including the printing unit motor are all synchronized. Their speeds are calculated by the HMI, based on the inputs given for the Extrusion. Operator need not adjust the individual speeds of the motors for different speeds of extrusion. The width adjustments can be made easily from 300mm to 450mm length.

Specification of our STD model:

Maximum speed of Conveyor 800 pieces of 350mm length/min (280m/min)
Length of the Cross feed belt 750 mm
Overall length of the entire conveyor 7000 mm.
Diameters of wires handled 2mm to 5mm
Length of electrodes handled 300mm, 350mm, 400mm & 450mm.

Note:- The Electrodes Conveyor can be designed, manufactured & supplied as per the customer requirement, in many dimensions / capacities to suit the Extruder & the types of Electrodes produced.

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