UNIK makes Killing Rollers Assembly for removing the Cast & Helix from the MIG wires & SAW wires, before they are wound on a bobbin / plastic spool. This is achieved by 2 sets of grooved rollers arranged in both Horizontal plane as well as Vertical plane. In each set, there will be one set of fixed rollers & one set of adjustable rollers. By adjusting the upset distances, the wire is bent in opposite directions & get straightened. The killing rollers are available in 2 models as standard as follows.:-

Model UKR-HV-530 UKR-HV-722
Suitable for Wire diameters 2mm to 3mm 0.8mm to 1.2mm
Speed of wire 15m/sec 025m/sec
Diameter of Rollers 30mm 22mm
No of rollers per plane 5 7
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