This Planetary mixer is primarily used to mix the Dry Powder (or) flux with the binding agent to obtain a wet mix. The Planetary Mixer, in its various scaled versions, finds application in various industries like cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, etc.,

The Planetary mixer uses gear transmission to drive two mixing blades rotating in their own axis at the same time around the axis of the bowl, producing the interactive kneading, twisting and dispersing effects. The innovative design mixing helps to achieve homogeneously mixing results. The motorized Bowl up & down motion helps in easy loading & unloading of the materials at operator’s height.

Our range of planetary mixers can be customized to meet the specific mixing requirement of the customers.

Specification of our STD model used for Electrodes Flux Mixing:-

Capacity / Gross volume of the Bowl 100 Liters.
Capacity / Weight of the Mixed flux 100 Kgs Max.
Shape of the Bowl Cylindrical with flat bottom having knuckled sides.
Material of Construction of the Bowl SS 304, duly TIG welded & mat finished
No of Mixing blades 2 Nos, operating diagonally opposite to each other
Connected Load 10 HP
Overall Dimensions 1300 mm (L) x 800 mm (w) x 2150 mm (H)

Note:- The Planetary mixer can be designed, manufactured & supplied as per the customer requirement, in different capacities / sizes for any specific application.

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