We design and manufacture a range of manual slides used to hold and provide fine precise movements for adjusting of the welding heads in automated welding systems. The slides are available in various capacities from small size ( 4 kg ) having fine step of the screw used in TIG / MIG process to larger sizes of 50Kg load bearing capacity used in the submerged arc process.

They can be fitted to give 1, 2 or 3 axis moment to the welding head depending on the welding process and job requirement. The slides provide precise back lash free movements providing much needed versatility and innovativeness in the welding shop increasing productivity and ensuring repeatable high quality welds in the most difficult jobs.

Accessories for welding head fitting like torch mounting clip, tilting arrangement and the setting up flange are available on customer request.

1 UMAS-50 50
2 UMAS-100 100
3 UMAS-200 200
4 UMAS-300 300
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