We design & manufacture Submerged Arc Welding flux baking oven which are designed for optimum production & manufactured to the consistent quality. These ovens are used for baking the SAW Flux before actual welding, to remove any moisture content & to improve the welding quality & finish.

Oven Construction Double wall construction with mineral / glass wool insulation, Hinged type door fitted latched door locking System
Paint Heat Resistant Aluminum paint
No. of trays 5 Nos.
Insulations size & Material 12mm thick mineral / glass wool all around.
Temp. range 0-300 Deg C
Heaters 9 Nos X 1100watts heaters Fitted on the sides.
Controller Digital Temperature Indicator Controller for temperature control
Temp. Control Accuracy Plus or Min 5 Deg C
Input Supply AC415 V,3 Ph,50Hz.
Safety features Limit switch for door, interlock between heater and door, interlock between heater and fan.
Gross Weight 400 kg.
Capacity 100 kg approx
Air Circulation By blower / fan at the top
Customization 1]We can customize the oven with timer and hooter to indicate the elapse of soaking time after the inside temperature of the oven has reached the set temperature.

 2]Any special size/Capacity requirement can be designed, manufactured & supplied as per the customer requirement.

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